The Chelmsey Series

So what's this all about? The Chelmsey Series is a sequence of posts introducing my campaign setting, the New Kingdoms. It's based around the seemingly unremarkable village of Chelmsey in the Kingdom of Rakhanay. Despite appearances, Chelmsey is in fact a handy place to introduce the New Kingdoms themselves and Rakhanay - one of the more powerful lands in the New Kingdoms - and to reveal many aspects of life in the New Kingdoms: the politicking, the various faiths and factions, and the threat of the chaos magic that nearly devoured the world a millenia earlier. The village itself is home to a Chaos Well - an outpouring of chaotic energy - that was capped a century earlier by a costly ritual. yet the wards are slowly fading, and there are many inimical powers that seek to somehow release or channel the power of the Well.

Below is a list of posts in the Chelmsey Series so far: it will be updated as more posts are published.

The Watchful Village
What Was Shroudfall?
The Protectors of Chelmsey
Now Where'd I Put That Chaos Well?
Menace Felt But Not Seen 
Portrait of A Guardian: Harotanu

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