Pathfinder --> Rolemaster Skill Conversions

Acrobatics: Acrobatics, Jumping, Pole-Vaulting, Stilt-Walking, Tightrope-Walking
Appraise: Appraisal, Evaluate Armor, Evaluate Metal, Evaluate Stone, Evaluate Weapon
Artistry (choreography): Dancing, Composition*
Artistry (criticism): Analysis*, Argument*, Composition*, Languages
Artistry (literature): Composition*, Poetry, Languages
Artistry (musical composition): Music
Artistry (philosophy): Analysis*, Argument*,  Composition*, Philosophy
Artistry (playwriting): Acting, Composition*, Languages
Bluff: Acting, Argument*, Bribery, Duping, Tale Telling, Trading
Climb: Climbing, Scaling, Rappelling
Craft (alchemy): Alchemy, Brewing
Craft (armor): Armorer, Evaluate Armor
Craft (baskets): Wickerworker
Craft (books): Bookmaker, Calligraphy, Paper Making, Tooler (Leather)
Craft (bows): Fletching, Woodcarving
Craft (calligraphy): Calligraphy
Craft (carpentry): Carpentry
Craft (cloth): Dying, Embroidery, Sewing/Weaving, Spinner
Craft (clothing): Dying, Embroidery, Knitting, Sewing/Weaving, Tailoring
Craft (glass): Ceramics, Glassblower
Craft (jewelry): Bronze Smith, Copper Smith, Gem Cutter, Silver Smith, Gold Smith
Craft (leather): Cobbler, Saddler, Tanner, Tooler (Leather)
Craft (locks): Lock Lore, Locksmith
Craft (paintings): Drafting, Painting
Craft (pottery): Ceramics, Potter
Craft (sculptures): Sculpture, Stone-carving
Craft (ships): Rope Mastery, Sail Maker, Shipbuilder
Craft (shoes): Cobbler
Craft (stonemasonry): Brickmaker, Masonry, Stone-cutting
Craft (traps): Set Traps, Trap Building, Trapping
Craft (weapons): Weaponsmith
Diplomacy: Conversation*, Diplomacy, Interrogation, Public Speaking, Seduction, Teaching
Disable Device: Disarming Traps, Lock Lore, Mechanition, Operating Equipment, Picking Locks
Disguise: Disguise
Escape Artist: Contortions, Rope Mastery
Fly: Flying/Gliding
Handle Animal: Animal Handling, Animal Mastery, Herding
Heal: Diagnostics, First Aid, Second Aid, Surgery, Using Prepared Herbs
Intimidate: Intimidation*
Linguistics: Composition*, Languages
Knowledge (arcana): Circle Lore, Dragon Lore, Dream Lore, Fauna Lore (Magical Beasts), Glyph Lore, History, Spell Lore
Knowledge (dungeoneering): Caving, Fauna Lore (Aberrations, Oozes), Mining, Survival (Subterranean)
Knowledge (engineering): Advanced Math, Architecture, Basic Math, Engineering, Gimmickry, Mechanition, Operating Equipment, Siege Engineering)
Knowledge (geography): Astronomy, Culture Lore, Region Lore, Weather-watching
Knowledge (history): History, Region Lore
Knowledge (local): Artifact Lore, Culture Law, History, Law*, Region Lore, Religion, Streetwise
Knowledge (nature): Faerie Lore, Fauna Lore, Flora Lore, Herb Lore, Weather-watching
Knowledge (nobility): Administration, Culture Lore, Diplomacy, Heraldry
Knowledge (planar): Demon/Devil Lore, Elemental Lore, Planar Lore
Knowledge (religion): Administration, Omen Lore, Priest, Religion, Undead Lore
Perception: Alertness, Detect Traps, Direction Sense, Locate Hidden, Observation, Poison Perception, Sense Ambush, Sense Awareness, Situational Awareness, Surveillance, Time Sense
Perform (act): Acting, Mimicry, Mimery, Poetic Improvisation Ventriloquism
Perform (comedy): Jesting*, Mimicry, Taunting*
Perform (dance): Dancing, Jumping, Tumbling
Perform (musical instruments): Musical Instruments
Perform (oratory): Argument*, Poetic Improvisation, Public Speaking, Tale Telling, Teaching.
Perform (sing): Singing
Profession (architect): Architecture, Drafting
Profession (baker): Baking
Profession (barrister): Administration, Analysis*, Argument*, Conversation*, Diplomacy, Interrogation, Law*, Public Speaking, Research
Profession (brewer): Brewing
Profession (butcher): Butchery
Profession (clerk): Administration, Languages, Scribe
Profession (cook): Cooking
Profession (courtesan): Seduction
Profession (driver): Driving
Profession (engineer): Engineering
Profession (farmer): Herding, Horticulture
Profession (fisherman): Boat Pilot, Foraging, Rowing, Sailing
Profession (gambler): Gambling
Profession (gardener): Horticulture
Profession (herbalist): Brewing, Cooking, Herb Lore, Horticulture, Prepare Herbs
Profession (innkeeper): Billeting
Profession (librarian): Administration, Research
Profession (merchant): Appraisal, Trading, Trading Lore
Profession (midwife): Midwifery
Profession (miller): Miller
Profession (miner): Mining
Profession (porter): Portaging*, Service
Profession (sailor): Boat Pilot, Rope Mastery, Rowing, Sailing
Profession (scribe): Scribe
Profession (shepherd): Herding
Profession (soldier): Military Organisation
Profession (stable master): Animal Handling
Profession (tanner): Tanner
Profession (trapper): Trapping
Profession (woodcutter): Lumberjack
Riding: Riding
Sense Motive: Interrogation, Lie Perception
Sleight of Hand: Hide Item, Juggling, Trickery
Spellcraft: Attunement, Spell Lore, Spell Mastery, Read Runes
Stealth: Hiding, Mingling, Stalking
Survival: Foraging, Read tracks, Survival, Tracking, Weather-watching
Swimming: Diving, Swimming
Use Magic Device: Acting, Attunement

RM skills marked "*" are either skills of my own invention (because Rolemaster clearly needs more skills...) or imports from older RM products.

As a quick rule, you might want to consider the following ad hoc approach if converting from PF1e to RM: 
0 skill ranks in PF1e= -25 in RM
For the first 5 skill ranks in PF1e, multiply the ranks by 10.
For the next 5, multiply by 5
For all other ranks multiply by 2.

Thus, a character with 8 PF1e ranks would have a bonus of +65.

PF1e characters who have a Class skill, gain an extra +15, or, if you wish to simulate RM 'level bonuses', apply them only to those characters who have a Class skill, and grant a +2/level bonus for levels 1-10, and +1 thereafter.

A 20th level PF1e character with 20 ranks in a Class skill would have a bonus of +125, plus any Stat bonuses.

Regarding Stat bonuses, as PF1e uses 6 Abilities vs. RM's 10 stats, it gets a bit wrinkly. One approach is to do the following:
STR: use ST in RM
DEX: use AG, QU in RM
CON: use CO in RM
INT: use RE, ME in RM
WIS: use SD, IN in RM
CHA: use PR, EM in RM

To get the relevant RM bonus, try using the following formula: 
If the PF 1e ability is 15 or less, use (PF1e Ability - 10) x 4, and if higher, add +2 for each point beyond that, so that a ST of 20 would yield a bonus of +30 ((15-10) x 4) + (5 x 2).
Where a PF1e Ability covers two RM stats, tinker around a bit to get the numbers that reflect your character best: a character with CHA 17 might not be very friendly, but extremely compelling (which would yield +24, so you might tinker a bit and say they have PR "19" and EM "15" granting bonuses of +28 and +20 respectively (the system I use is a bit more complex, and yields better results, but this is the quick and dirty version).

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