Saturday 29 February 2020

Standard-Bearers of Law: The Vandori for Blood & Treasure

A byword for honour and courage, the Vandori are a mighty race of mountain-dwelling humanoids. Massive and stern, they are famed for their pure service of Law. Although they can practice arcane magic, they favour divine and martial callings. Vandori are, on average, 60” in height and have a movement rate of 30’. However, they are immensely solid, as if their moral inflexibility is reflected in their physique. They are extremely pale, with light blue eyes, flaming red hair, and in men, long drooping moustaches. Vandori live for up to 200 years and begin play with their own language, Vandori, a human lingua franca (usually Yrenaic, Kanastasi or Hyarene) and one of the following tongues: Urugraz, Ketelcqa, Old Kantari, Ulekki or Tur.

The immensely tough-minded and tough-bodied Vandori gain +2 to Constitution and +1 to Wisdom, but their aloof nature renders them awkward in social situations, and thus they suffer a -1 to Charisma. They have the following minimum/maximum ability scores: STR 8/18, INT 3/18, WIS 4/18, DEX 3/18, CON 10/19, and CHA 3/17. They roll 4d4 for their Heritage score.

Vandori are blessed with the ability to heal others with a touch, healing damage equivalent to their Constitution bonus +2 (to a maximum of 6 hit points. A Constitution penalty will reduce or void this ability). They may do this once per day at first level. This increases to two uses at 6th level, three at 12th level and four uses at 18th level.

Vandori also gain +1 to hit and damage against Chaotic Outsiders and all Undead, as well as +1 to saving throws against the powers of such creatures unless they pursue a non-Lawful alignment (including the Lawful Neutral alignment). They also gain a +1 bonus to saving throws against magical spells (unless they are spell casters themselves).

Vandori have the following classes available to them: Alchemist, Bard*, Cleric, Defender, Fighter, Leech, Magic-User (Abjurer, Diviner), Paladin, Priest (Creation, Fighting, and Guardian), Prophet, Puritan, Ranger, Scout, Sentinel, Shaman, Valkyrie, Wizard Hunter.

They may also pursue the following multi-classing options: Alchemist-Leech, Cleric-Defender, Cleric-Fighter, Cleric-Sentinel, Cleric-Scout, Defender-Abjurer, Defender-Priest (Guardian), Defender-Leech, Defender-Wizard Hunter, Fighter-Scout, Fighter-Abjurer, Fighter-Priest (Creation, Fighting or Guardian), Sentinel-Diviner, Sentinel-Abjurer, Sentinel-Wizard Hunter.

*Vandori Bards are known as Cantors, and replace the Bard ability to Carouse with the Cleric Conversion skill. They lose the ability to Climb Walls, Hide in Shadows, Move Silently, Open Locks and Pick Pockets, replacing it with the Defender’s ability to be ‘steadfast’ in combat. They learn Basic Cleric spells instead of Magic-User spells, and must be Lawful in alignment. 

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