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Shadows in the Green: The Kelyuvat and Kelyugan for Blood & Treasure

Kelyuvat, Kelyugan (Pteridian Tree-kin)

Small, furtive and resilient, the Kelyuvat and their close kin the Kelyugan draw upon the essence and morphology of ferns (in the case of the Kelyugan, a specific type of fern, bracken, is the source of the botanical side of their being). Both of the fern-folk can be found in a multiplicity of marginal habitats: forested riverbanks and dells, swamps, peat bogs, cold hillsides and isolated mountain valleys. The primary difference between the two diminutive races is that the Kelyuvat are generally sweet-natured, if somewhat retiring, whilst the Kelyugan are aggressive and expansionist in nature – often at the expense of their fellow fern-folk. Both races are known for their close relationship with Fey, but, whereas the Kelyuvat confine themselves to the less obstreperous faerie folk, the Kelyugan are far less discriminating. Most Kelyuvat are Neutral in alignment – though there is a significant Lawful minority. The Kelyugan are generally Neutral, but the most powerful and outward-looking are almost universally Chaotic in temperament and ethos.

Both tribes of the fern-folk are very small, averaging 24” in height with a 20’ movement rate. Both appear even shorter as they tend to hunch over in their daily lives, as keeping low in the undergrowth is an almost compulsory survival strategy for these small beings. However, like the fern, they can unfurl dramatically, suddenly leaping a surprising distance for their size. The colouring of the two tribes is similar: both have green-hued skin and dark, large eyes that dominate their small faces, but the Kelyugan have hair that resembles light-brown leaves of the bracken, whilst the Kelyuvat have hair the rich green of well-watered ferns. All fern-folk being play knowing Ketelcqa, Vaerylle and one local human tongue (generally Yrenaic, Urdrinn or Avronakiyan). Kelyugan also know the language Tur at the commencement of their adventuring careers.

The fern-folk are nimble, gaining +1 to Dexterity, but the Kelyuvat are prone to foolishness, giving them a -1 to Wisdom, whilst the domineering Kelyugan lose -1 from Charisma. The small size of the fern-folk gives both types a -2 to Strength. Both kinds of the Pteridian Tree-kin have the following minimum/maximum ability scores: STR 3/16, INT 3/18, WIS 3/18, DEX 9/18, CON 3/18, and CHA 3/18. They roll 2d4 + 4 for their Heritage score.

As noted above, both kinds of fern-folk are on good terms with various kinds of Fey: Kelyuvat add +1 to all reaction rolls with Lawful or Neutral Fey, whilst Kelyugan gain the same bonus with Neutral and Chaotic Fey.

All fern-folk gain +2 to Move Silently and Hide in Shadows checks. They can also jump from a standing start as if they were of Medium size, with a Strength ability 2 higher, and taking a running jump (thus a fern-folk with a Strength of 7 can jump 6’ from a standing start, whereas a creature of similar size and Strength could only manage 2.5’).

Fern-folk may be of the following classes: Acrobat, Alchemist, Animorph, Antipaladin, Assassin (Kelyugan only), Bard, Beastmaster, Druid, Fey Mage, Jester, Knight of Flowers, Magic-User (Abjurer, Conjurer, Diviner, Enchanter, Evoker, Illusionist, Necromancer, Transmuter), Marksman, Ranger, Scout, Shadowdancer (Kelyugan only), Shaman (Kelyuvat only), Sorceror, Thief, Warlock.

They may also pursue the following multi-classing options: Beastmaster-Sorceror, Marksman-Scout, and Scout-Sorceror.

Like other Tree-kin. the Fern-Folk are susceptible to Charm Plant spells, in addition to the normal human range of vulnerabilities (i.e. Charm Person). They also gain resistance to piercing and slashing attacks, but are vulnerable to chopping and fire attacks. Finally, they gain a +1 to all saving throws against poison, sleep, paralysis, polymorph an stunning attacks.

All Tree-folk are bipedal humanoids.

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