Tuesday 17 November 2020

One Man's Trash...The Grommel for Blood & Treasure

 Grommel (Lotorine Beastkin)

The clever, deft Grommel are increasingly common across the New Kingdoms, due to their considerable fecundity and versatility. Initially, these raccoon-like hybrids favoured lowland forests and wetlands, but they have spread - “like some particularly irritating light-fingered plague”, in the words of one Seyeren noble - to all corners of the world, particularly favouring humanity's most dire and distressed cities, where they eke out an oddly happy living from the various types of garbage and waste that dominate such places. Most Grommel favour the Neutral alignments, but they prefer Good to Evil, preferring an easy-going life where everyone just gets along. 

Grommel average 32” in height and have a movement rate of 20’. They are covered in short fur, and have the trademark black-and-white striped tail. Their eyes are a friendly but searching brown, and their faces are very much like that of their animal forbears, complete with snout-like noses and exceptional whiskers. They live short lives, with few making it past 60 years, although every Grommel knows the tale of Grandfather Moon-Eye, who lived to the ripe old age of 99. Grommel start play knowing their own language - scavenged from several others and adapted to the physiology of the Grommel’s snouts - Drazqanda, and one human lingua franca (usually Hyarene, Kanastasi, Urdrinn or Avronakiyan). Raccoon-folk sound rather awkward using other tongues and can sometimes be very hard to understand. 

The Grommel are quick of hand and wit, and seem inured to ill-health, but are not strong and lack a certain amount of common sense, gaining +1 to Constitution, Dexterity and Intelligence, but suffer a -1 penalty to Strength and Wisdom. They have the following minimum/maximum ability scores: STR 3/17, INT 5/18, WIS 3/17, DEX 5/18, CON 9/19, and CHA 3/18. They roll 1d8 +3 for their Heritage score.

Despite the fact that they are most associated with scavenging, Grommel are actually fine cooks, adding +2 to checks for cooking, and having a 7-in-12 chance of detecting poisons and spoiled food (their definition of this last is a tad elastic). 

Grommel also gain a +3 to saving throws vs. poison and disease, whilst their nimble fingers provide them a +2 bonus to Climb Walls, Pick Pockets and checks to Find and Remove Traps.

Finally, their talents as scavengers allow them to Forage (as per the Landsknecht skill), and Tinker (per the Gnome skill), regardless of their character class, adding half their level to all such checks.

Grommel may choose from the following classes:  Acrobat, Beastmaster, Charlatan, Cleric, Defender, Diablo, Druid, Duellist, Elementalist, Fey-Mage, Fighter, Jack-of-all-Trades, Jester, Knight of Flowers, Lucky Bastard, Magic-User (Conjurer, Illusionist), Priest (Guardian, Travel, Trickster), Ranger, Ronin, Scout, Shaman, Sorceror, Thief, Warlock, Zodiac. 

They may also pursue the following multiclassing options: Acrobat-Fighter, Acrobat-Sorceror, Cleric- Fighter, Cleric-Scout, Cleric-Sorceror, Cleric-Thief, Elementalist-Thief, Fighter-Scout, Fighter-Shaman, Fighter-Sorceror, Fighter-Thief, Scout-Shaman, Scout-Sorceror, Sorceror-Thief.

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