Sunday 25 December 2022

Fortnightly Fiends: Moonwasp

 In the void between worlds, and in the silver-limned reaches of the Astral and Ethereal Planes are many variegated creatures, many fearsome and many utterly alien: imagine then, the sense of comfort the planar traveller feels upon first encountering the Moonwasp, so familiar in form, singing their everlasting mental hymns to the pleasures of friendship and the joy of the new. Despite their appearance - human-sized wasps with silver wings and white bodies and rainbow-hued multifaceted eyes - Moonwasps will almost always treat first encounters as a chance for a new friendship and sharing of stories. They are great travellers and singers - and occasionally defenders of those whose freedom and individuality is threatened by other, less benign planar forces. Thus they are betimes found opposing Devils, Demons and other such horrors.

Moonwasps can function in the void of space, and the Astral and Ethereal Planes without hindrance, although they do enjoy visiting the Prime Material Plane and its multifarious variants (not so much during the hours of daylight, however). They have some command of planar magic, and their powerful minds are opaque to magical control. They do not like to fight, but will do so if pressed, especially against Chaotic foes and the alien horrors that stalk the void. They prefer, however, to utilise their potent mental songs to defuse dangerous situations.

Moonwasp for Labyrinth Lord 

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