Thursday 18 August 2022

Wolves of War: The Ulfarga for Blood & Treasure (& RMFRP)

 Ulfarga (Lupine Beastkin)

Wild-hearted but honourable wolf-like humanoids, Ulfarga represent one of the largest populations of any Beastkin. They can be found almost anywhere in the rural regions of the New Kingdoms, and, although they are no lovers of city life, some dwell in the darker corners of the more derelict cities and towns. 

For the Ulfarga, loyalty to the clan was once all: although they were fierce in defence of their individuality and personal freedoms, they would almost always work to further the standing and wealth of their clans. Clans extended across whole kingdoms, steadily building their influence.

But this is no longer the case: Ulfarga have adopted worship of the Urdrinn pantheon, particularly Avraki and Jureus . This has led to an increasingly unified people and a gradual fragmentation of clan loyalties (and a reduction in strife between the clans). Many observers now fear that the Ulfarga will carry this unification to its logical endpoint, and begin founding their own kingdoms. In fact, this has already begun in some places: those Ulfarga clans who support Venrik, Prince of Wolves in the Southern Shores region are slowly preparing to spread his suzerainty, whilst in the Northerwylde region of Old Hyarenia, several Ulfarga clans have united to establish the Confederation of Norge. Although these two realms are not yet strong enough to do more than plan their expansion, they are harbingers of things to come - if other nations cannot find a way to come to terms with the Ulfarga. The Ulfarga have one significant disadvantage in the pursuit of their expansionary visions: they struggle to master the power of arcane magic, producing only Priests, Clerics and Sorcerors. Ulfarga Sorcerors and Warlocks are limited to a level equivalent to 8 plus their Charisma bonus.

Ulfarga average 64” in height and have a movement rate of 40’. They are covered in thick grey or black fur that silvers as they age, with pale eyes, prominent wolf-like ears and long muzzles filled with sharp teeth. Most Ulfarga prefer a Neutral or Lawful alignment. They live for 120 years. They commence play knowing one human lingua franca (usually Hyarene, Kanastasi, Urdrinn or Avronakiyan). 

Ulfarga are agile and robust, but are prone to a lack of imagination and have a daunting presence. They add +1 to Dexterity and Constitution, but subtract 1 point from Intelligence and Charisma. They have the following minimum/maximum ability scores: STR 5/18, INT 3/17, WIS 3/18, DEX 6/18, CON 8/18, and CHA 3/17. They roll 3d4 +3 for their Heritage score. 

The wolf-folk are master trackers, adding +2 to all Tracking checks (and a further +2 where scent is involved). They are surprised only on a roll of 1 on a 1d6.

They also have a powerful bite attack (1d6 damage) and gain a +2 to all bull rush, grapple and overrun maneuvers if they are unarmoured. This last is often the case, as the Ulfarga have heavy pelts that grant them a natural AC of 12.

Ulfarga can, once per day, issue an eerie, prolonged howl that saps at the willpower of those within 50’. All those who can hear this howl must pass a saving throw or be frightened.

Ulfarga may select any of the following classes:  Acrobat, Assassin, Barbarian, Beastmaster, Blackheart, Bounty Hunter, Cleric, Defender, Dervish, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Priest (Fighting, Guardian), Prophet, Ranger, Scout, Sentinel, Shaman, Sorceror, Thief, Tomb Raider, Valkyrie, Warlock, Woodsman. 

They may also pursue the following multiclassing options: Assassin-Monk, Cleric-Defender, Cleric-Fighter, Cleric-Ranger, Cleric-Sentinel, Cleric-Scout, Cleric-Thief, Druid-Defender, Druid-Fighter, Druid-Scout, Fighter-Priest (Fighting), Fighter-Scout, Fighter-Shaman, Fighter-Thief, Monk-Shaman, Scout-Shaman.

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Wolves of War: The Ulfarga for Blood & Treasure (& RMFRP)

  Ulfarga (Lupine Beastkin) Wild-hearted but honourable wolf-like humanoids, Ulfarga represent one of the largest populations of any Beastki...