Wednesday 7 November 2018

When Life Intrudes...

Well, it's been a while - too long really - since I posted. There have been extenuating circumstances - the passing of my Dad, for one - and I have been loth to post whilst completing a writing project I've been working on. Also, I've encountered a new system, Blood & Treasure, that I really like, and I've been busy contemplating and reflecting upon that as well. In brief, its an OSR-ish version of the 'very popular game", but with a fair amount of input from later incarnations of that game. it's quick and clean, with not too many rules to worry about but many options for an option-hungry GM like me.

Anyhoo, after a lengthy hiatus, I'm back and hoping to flood the decks with new material whilst tying up a few loose ends. Much of this new material will be multiple-statted for B&T, other OSR games and Pathfinder (maybe a certain recent edition of a very popular game too, if I can be bothered. Ought I to be?), with references to Rolemaster and/or HARP where I'm confident of not violating copyright (I'm certainly looking into posting HARP/B&T conversions of classes, spells and other stuff I like from Pathfinder).

I'm particularly keen to continue with The Chelmsey Series and the Island of Kambyra and re-statting the NPCs mentioned in previous posts for some other systems (check back at those posts from time to time if at all interested). 

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