Thursday 11 January 2018

A Bit of a Teaser

So the map below (done by me, using the Dungeon Painter Studio software, available on Steam) is of an island that is something of a bridge between the New Kingdoms and distant Zarovena, the famed Tiger Empire. It's a colony of the Empire, but is closer to and trades heavily with the New Kingdoms, and is thus something of a melting pot for ideas and cultures. It's also a site of intrigue and a hotbed of revolt: many agitators from the Empire are exiled here.

I've long planned a series of adventures to take place on Kambyra, and I'd like to present some of the material for those here (interspersed with the Chelmsey Series). It's also my intent to publish some of it on OneBookShelf or some other platform. Anyhoo, here's the map: I'd be interested if any readers have an opinion on what OGL system they'd like to see material for Kambyra (I can't do justice to Kambyra using the limited Rolemaster resources permitted).

The island of Kambyra is approximately 200 miles on the NW-SE axis, and is located in the temperate zone (the climate, however, verges on the sub-tropical). Kambyra Town is the main port and de facto capital (although the colonial governor's official residence is in the balmy lake town of Dylaro). It's also a bit scummy, with a very 'lively' underworld.
Kambyra Town is rather isolated from the rest of the island: it sits at the tip of a long sandbar, beyond which lies a large and lawless area of semi-desert and swamp. Beyond this formidable and unfriendly region is the interior, a region of rich plantations, pleasant villages and (mostly) idyllic forested hills, sheltered from the nastier southern storms by the crescent of mountains that make up the southern and eastern parts of the island. But of this, there is plenty to come.

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